Hi, i’m Sarah, a researcher living in Seattle.

I am a doctoral student in the Human Centered Design and Engineering Program at the University of Washington. I have a background in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies. My primary research interests include: 1) knowledge production and distribution through large-scale research; 2) individual and collective tensions when solving global problems such as climate change; 3) data science and visualization. For my master’s thesis, I conducted an ethnographic study of how citizens engaged with scientific data in the context of extractive industries. I also explored how citizens can use mobile air quality sensors to collect information about their environment. I am currently researching the challenges of drawing together heterogeneous Alaskan Salmon data from across diverse scientific and regulatory actors. I hold a Master of Arts from Georgetown University and am an aspiring mountain climber.



I’ve often wished I could commit to memory all that I’ve forgotten throughout these 27 years.

The Rhetorica ad Herennium, anonymously authored, is the first known book to implement the mnemonic techniques of memorization, particularly those of speeches. Most important to the success of a mnemonic device is the inclusion of the imagination or the sensing of something else connected to a sticky network in which you have placed what it is you are to remember. For instance, to commit the famous T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock to memory, one might find it easier to nestle “the eternal Footman who holds your coat and snickers” right at the entrance of your first day of Kindergarten–if you can recall back that far.

I hope that this site will offer a perspective on a theme.

You may also visit gnovis to read some of my academic blog posts.


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